Blog A350 XWB News

Blog A350 XWB News

Hong Kong Airlines is arguably in a crisis plagued by management and operational issues. The Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines subsidiary has seen its air operator’s certificate (AOC) being limited to 20 aircraft by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) until it can demonstrate it has the “necessary equipment, organization, staffing, maintenance and other arrangements to secure the safe operation of a larger aircraft fleet”.

“With a very rapid expansion of aircraft fleet in recent years, the Civil Aviation Department considers that it is time for Hong Kong Airlines to catch up with its current fleet size by consolidating their existing operations,” Hong Kong civil aviation regulator said in a statement.

Hong Kong Airlines president Yang Jian Hong said in a statement “We believe that a regional model focused on Asia/Pacific is most appropriate for Hong Kong Airlines at this stage of our growth. Our key focus will be building our regional network and strengthening our business across China, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. As part of this decision, we will suspend our long haul flights to London from 10 September 2012 until further notice”. They have decided to phase out its 5 Boeing 737 800s from its fleet, according to a South China Morning Post report.

Being limited to 20 aircraft fleet and to focus in a regional network there could be no necessary to maintain the huge aircraft order the airline currently has, including firm orders for 10 Airbus A380, 15 A350 900s and 24 outstanding orders for A320s and additional 7 for A330 300s, as well as a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 30 Boeing 787 9, 2 787 8 VIP, Bolsos de Louis Vuitton 6 777F freighters and 10 747 8I Intercontinentals that are yet to be firmed up.

Mr. Jian Hong, president of Hong Kong Airlines Comprar Nike Air Max Online at Farnborough 2010; “The A350 XWB will become our new flagship towards the end of this decade.”

Based on article “Gleam of hope for Cathay Pacific in stormy skies” published in Aspire Aviation

Based on the article “Boeing Dreamliner deal turning out to be ‘lucrative’ for Air India” published in The Economic Times (India) that includes some data that could require a review , Air India is evaluating Bolsos Louis Vuitton Para Hombre the performance of the 3 first 787 aircraft they are receiving for next 18 months and “if they don’t meet the promised standards, a separate compensation package will be negotiated”.

“The Dreamliners are overweight by 7.5 tonnes, from its initial design. They were supposed to be 17% more fuel efficient vis a vis the A330 aircraft. But the extra weight is likely to reduce that to 12%,” a senior official from the civil aviation ministry told ET on conditions of anonymity.

“Not all planes will be below performance standards. After the first few planes, the Dreamliners will be lighter and fuel efficiency will be 15% compared with A 330s,” the official said

This amount would be in addition to the compensation that Boeing is supposed to pay Air India for delaying delivery of these aircraft by almost four years.

Air India placed an order for 27 Dreamliners with Boeing in 2005. Air India is supposed to get three 787s this month while the delivery of the rest will be staggered till March 2016.

Aircraft weight is key for competitiveness performance. There are many type of weight opportunities that could be studied and implemented, such us challenging industrial Nike Air Max 90 Blancas requirements, qualification of new material/components, structure optimizations, systems optimization, etc.

For the A350 XWB the public information available regarding the weight is that Airbus and the suppliers are working hard on weight reduction plans, as stated in an article in Arabian Aerospace (see July/2012): “With the delays to the baseline A350 900, Airbus is battling huge weight and integration issues while Qatar Airways has probably had about enough of this sort of bad news and it’s little wonder why they are now poring over their 787 8 options (of which they have 30) and look to convert these to the bigger 787 9s”.

Excessive weight remains an issue, although the situation is allegedly much less dramatic than in the case of the 787. However, the weight situation seems to be well on the way to being resolved.

However, the A350 800 was the most overweight A350 variant, at around 6 tonnes UGG Hombre overweight, according to Aspire Aviation’s sources in the first months of 2012, whereas the A350 900 was 3 4 tonnes overweight, and the A350 1000 at around 5 tonnes overweight.

The most serious overweight is the A350 1000s 5 tonnes Camisa Ralph Lauren overweight; with that, the improvements announced at last June’s Paris Air Show, will only enable the A350 1000 to meet the aircraft’s Polo Ralph Lauren Mujer original payload/range specification, including a range of around 8,000 nm, instead of 8,400 nm.

Interestingly, the A350 900 is the aircraft variant least affected by the overweight issue since the 900 is the optimized platform and engineering resources are being further diverted to the 900 development from other variants, these sources say.

“This programme will likely be a challenge for several years. Feedback we UGG Espa a online have received from customers is that the A350 is considerably overweight at this stage. The programme has also become more complex with the need to develop a second engine core to provide sufficient thrust for the A350 1000″ New York based Bernstein Research said in a January 19th note to clients.

LH wingbox for MSN001

As pointed out by Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad, current main weight risks seems to be located in the wing; reinforcements are required in the center wing section as well as within the wings themselves to compensate for the heavier fuselage. This could be part of the reason why Airbus has yet to confirm the operating empty weight of the A350XWB family as the figure continues to rise instead of come down.

Based on article “Boeing Dreamliner deal turning out to be ‘lucrative’ Ralph Lauren Outlet for Air India” published in The Economic Times (India)

Boeing has raised the list prices of its commercial jetliners by 5.6% on almost all its airplanes, with a 6.9% increase reserved for its new 787 Dreamliners, comparing Nov/2011 prices.

Boeing and Airbus raise list prices every one or two years to reflect higher costs for labor and materials. Airbus price list was updated last January/2012, with an increase of 4% in all models except a 6% for A320Neo.

Dont panic. List prices, of course, have no relationship to what customers actually pay. Actual prices paid by any individual customer are never released officially, but filings with financial regulators and information from market insiders point to standard discounts of around 45% and really good customers have been known to get discounts of up to 60%.

The move comes as Boeing and rival Airbus battle to augment already bulging order books with new deals to establish their planned new next generation single aisle products in the market; 737 MAX against A320Neo.

Since the figure first debuted in 2005, Boeing has raised the price of the 787 8 by 65% and Airbus has done the same for the A350 XWB: 50% price list increased from first order in May/2006 by Singapore Airlines.

Based on article “Boeing Raises Jetliner Prices” published on the Wall Street Journal

The Vertical Tail Plane of the Static Test Specimen has already been installed on the Rear Fuselage (section 19) in the FAL at Toulouse. This follows the installation of the dummy Horizontal Tail Plane and Tail Cone in July.

The VTP is specifically designed for the static tests campaign with two different parts: the higher part is a dummy (painted in red) and the lower Comprar Botas ugg part is the series composite configuration with strain gages, assembled at Stade Germany with parts manufactured in Spain by Tier1 Aciturri.