‘Baylor Bubble’ bursts

‘Baylor Bubble’ bursts

interest” and teammates have been questioned. A farm where he liked to hang out has been searched twice by cadaver sniffing dogsNormally, the worst thing Baylor junior Jessica Turner had to worry about was a frat boy soaping a message on her back windshield. But Dennehy’s disappearance has cast a pall over this normally tranquil Baptist college along the banks of the Brazos

River in central Texas.

“We refer to Baylor typically as the Baylor bubble,” says the education major, Dennehy’s downstairs neighbor. “There’s not a whole lot that gets in or gets out.”

When the 6 foot 10 Dennehy transferred to Baylor from the University of New Mexico last year, he was leaving behind a bad

situation and looking forward to starting this coming season. But a few weeks ago, friends say, things started to go sour for theTammy and Darren Cox were accustomed to Dennehy’s visits to

their farm outside Waco since he’d come there last spring with

close friend Carlton Dotson to buy a pit bull puppy. So when he

called on June 7 to ask whether they knew a place where he and

Dotson could fire their new guns, the Coxes told them they could

target shoot there.

Dennehy told the Coxes he and Dotson bought the guns a .22 caliber rifle and two semiautomatic pistols because someone

had been threatening them, someone they’d brought out to the farm before.

Chris Turk shared the four bedroom campus apartment with Dennehy, just a stone’s throw from the domed stadium where the

California native hoped to play. Turk says Dotson, a former Baylor player, was staying with them.

Another player, Harvey Thomas, a transfer forward from Fredericksburg, Va., also had stayed there and even had a key. But