it’s just a draft

it’s just a draft

Lighten up, Francis it’s just a draftYou’ve heard from the experts. You’ve been reading Andy Katz’s daily draft dose for the last week. You have mock drafts from every major website posted on the walls of your apartment, desperately trying to break the code and predict the Nike Air Max 90 2000 NBA draft. So with the help of Big Tree and Li’l Danny, two regular guys who spend way too many hours of Comprar Botas UGG the day watching basketball, we give you the 2000 Mockery Draft.

Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who uses this projection in their draft pool deserves what they get. Without further ado.

Jerry Krause, a k a The Sleuth, picks next for Chicago, kicking off the season of his much anticipated strategy: “Players don’t win championships; GMs win championships.” The Bulls are desperate for size and have the inside track on Tracy McGrady, but you can’t have enough versatile small forwards on a roster. He’ll welcome prep Darius Miles and have him shipped from the green room to the Berto Center weight room within minutes. Ron Artest wonders where his minutes went.

If they haven’t already given the pick to the Nets for Peg Leg, the Magic are Billetero Louis Vuitton up next.

Moving on to the hapless Hawks . Who will establish himself as the cornerstone of the Kruger Era? The Hawks reportedly love Mike Miller, who burned Lon in Ralph Lauren Outlet the NCAA Tourney. But Camisa Ralph Lauren Lon also has experience scouting former Minnesota malcontent Joel Przybilla, a raw shot blocker who could learn quit a bit from Dikembe (perhaps the finger wag?) before Kruger ships No. 55 to Dallas for cap room, free Internet access and a domain name to be . uh . named later. Skinny Miller’s the pick. The Bulls are back up at No. 7.

Houston needs size. The Dream is almost over, Chuck B is gone to the big halftime show in the sky and the rest of the roster wouldn’t know a rebound

if it hit them in the face. But you can’t throw a plodding big man in with Stevie, Shandon and Cuttino. The Rockets want to run, which is why Jerome Moiso fits in perfectly (because he worked out so well the first time as

Carlos Rogers). Etan Thomas was tempting, but putting him and Kenny Thomas on the same team would be far too confusing for simple minded NBA fans.

That “Oye Bolsas Originales Louis Vuitton Vey!” you heard was coming from Don Nelson, who thought Olumide Oyediji would fall to the Mavs at 12. But with Mark Cuban barking for a

great pick and Nelson under the gun to produce rather than just use other people’s money to experiment his wild theories, the Mavs set with guards

Nash and Finley sidestep Hanno (the Nowitzki wannabe) Louis Vuitton and go conventional with Etan Thomas, who isn’t some foreign freak or some oversized softie. Just a shotblocker. Just a shotblocker. Nelson was quoted after the draft as saying, “Wait! Isn’t ‘Etan’ a Yugoslavian name?”

Freshly loaded with two new big men, the Orlando Gabriels take.

It’s gambling time, baby! With a pick to waste and no immediate areas of attention, the Magic select DeShawn Stevenson as their star of the future. The kid’s got Bolsos Louis Vuitton Para Hombre an NBA bod already a la Maggette, and odds are one of them will pan out. Orlando can’t count on building a franchise around both because one UGG Espa a online will either bomb or get too good to Bolsos para hombre Louis Vuitton Baratos be kept after three years, but watching these kids jump out of the gym for the next two years should be a sight to see.

Detroit, time to find a replacement for Grant Hill.

The Sixers on the cusp of greatness can’t afford to take a chance on a lightly tested phenom. It’s the same reason they shipped Larry Hughes to the

West. They need maturity . perhaps a little polish. If not polish, how about a Finn? That’s right: Hanno M brings the coachability (ask Andy Katz fave Rick Majerus) and a refined offensive game, which is another way of saying

he won’t demand any of Iverson’s shots. Plus, his defensive liabilities can be masked with Ratliff behind him. Who needs The Waiter when you can have

The Human Umlaut?

Oh, yeah, it’s go time . pick 24 . this is KrauseLand, baby. After picking up Miles at 4 and Przybilla at 7, he’s got some room, as he

continues to assume that a swingman will fall into his lap via free agency. What this team needs is a point guard, but who is left? Only the most

intriguing player out there Jamal Crawford, he of 17 games of college

experience and the 6 10 wingspan on a 6 5 point guard’s body. He slipped this far because teams questioned his maturity and ability to get bigger.

All he does is provide the Bulls with a lethal backcourt partner for McGrady.

The Clippers already locked up Mr. Inside with Marcus Fizer and a point guard in Mateen Cleaves. They could use a sweet shooting two guard to back up the Polish Rifle. The Clippers tap into their network of worldwide scouts consisting of the night cook at the Santa Monica Boulevard IHOP and a couple of sketchy Eastern European Web sites. These are the same gurus who brought you The Kandi Man. They pick up buzz worthy Russian center Alexios Amanatidis Zevrosenko. Donald Sterling claims 120 Scrabble points in